The followers of Griffin are dedicated to preserving the force of Good in the world of Lost Unicorn. They are honorable and just to a fault, and never participate in evil activity. Griffin is the chief of the ancient Gods and his chosen one, Kennon, is chief among the Chosen Ones. They work in a never-ending battle to convert or purge the forces of evil.


Little is known about the ancient gods or why Griffin rules them. It is known that he is not handily the most powerful as he is strongly rivaled by many of them. The commonly held belief is that Griffin has managed to maintain his rule through open, honest communication with a group of gods who are wont to deceit and backstabbing. Griffin has only been seen once by mortal eyes, by those who were to become the Chosen Ones. They describe him as a huge, towering blond warrior in platinum and cyan armor that seemed to be made of light.


Griffin's followers are not non-violent. In fact, they are often driven to violence in battling the forces of evil. However, they are honorable fighters and adhere to a strict code of behavior. Griffin's followers never attack an unarmed foe, never torture a defeated foe and always act as good as possible.


The followers of Griffin are polite and helpful. They defend public channels from violence, profanity and rudeness. They are usually willing to help a newbie or a fellow player when they aren't too busy and generally enjoy servicing others. Griffin's followers very rarely Murder and when they do it is usually a murderer. A follower of Griffin found with a KILLER flag can expect serious retribution from the religious officials. However, Griffin always defends the right and revenges those who are wronged.


Griffin's followers accept all races and all classes. Anyone who is willing to embrace the cause of right can join the religion of Griffin.

Griffin is very demanding of his followers but, if you can stand the challenge, you would be welcomed. Talk to a Griffin Priest/Priestesse for more info.

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