Those who follow the path of Lord Moradin seek the balance that is naturally inherent in the world. They seek neutrality. They seek the middle road.

In nature, there is balance. Warmth follows cold, wet follows dry, and all the scars that mankind leaves are wiped away by the passing seasons. The forces of nature are eternal and can level almost any playing field.

Neutrality, the basis of the religion of Moradin, is defined many different ways by different people. It is the choice of inaction. It is the philosophy of letting the world balance itself out. Let what happen may, neutrality to some is withdrawing from the world.

Balance. Neutrality. One is active. One is passive. Both speak to the heart of what the following of Moradin is. No one can be told what Moradin is. You must decide what is in your heart, and how you look upon life and the world. If you seek to bring balance, if you look for the solace of neutrality, then you should be a member of Moradin.

If you are not, and these ideals speak to you, you should seek admittance. If may be of interest to you, seek one of the Moradin clergy and speak with them on the matter. They will be able to offer guidance for you in the matter.

The Order of Moradin, keepers of the Balance, are ruled by a group known only as the Council. Members of the Council are entrusted to speak on behalf of the faith, which is a generous trust in and of itself. The ursa Nelleko watches over this Council, tries to guide them, and ultimately rules over the Council ond the Order as fairly as he knows how. Council seats are made availihble by invitation from Nelleko only.

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