The Legend of Nycole Bolas

Nycole Bolas was once a great dragon who held many powers. So many that even the great mages of the realm found them formidable. While present on this realm, Nycole Bolas had lived for thousands of years roaming the land, watching the occupants with a close eye but without their knowledge. A trusted friend of the ancient gods, Nycole Bolas tried to put order to the chaotic whims of Aphrodite, Tyra and Graz'zt. Nycole considered Griffin and Belial great allies but could see flaws in their justice from the good and bad ideals that they both cherished. Nycole often mindspoke with the mortals at times where justice was needed greatly. Soon the mortals started to carry the beliefs of this mysterious one. Nycole Bolas flew one day over a nearby countryside when an arrow from nowhere hit the great dragon. As the arrow was covered with dragonbane, Nycole Bolas died a painful death. A great light surrounded the corpse of the great dragon. Then suddenly, the light disappeared along with the corpse. The soul of the great dragon began its new life among the gods and goddesses of this realm. Forever she shall will uphold the beliefs of true justice throughout the land through dedicated followers.

Although much knowledge of Nycole has been lost with the passing of time, Nycole Bolas is considered to be deity of great stature and law. Unto those that seek her with an innocent heart, Nycole Bolas appears in a form of a great dragon or a lady of great beauty. The diety of true justice became known as Lady Nycole among the mortals of the land. From the few that have seen her in mortal form, they say her tresses are as soft and smooth as corn silk. For mortals to describe her in mere words would be as complicated as describing the colors of a rainbow to a blind man. To those that have seen her in her dragon form, one is left speechless at the raw power and wisdom that she holds. PURPOSE OF NYCOLE BOLAS

The dedicated followers of Lady Nycole represent the pinnacle of true justice and the balance of good and evil among their fellow mortals. Lady Nycole encourages her followers to spread the ideals which she stands for so that others may learn the true way to live life. Though followers of Nycole are encouraged to show the chaotic the purpose of laws, they are cautioned not to fall victim to their chaotic ways. Nycole's followers are often found among the followers of Belial and Griffin due to their similar outlooks on law, however. The Lady's followers are allowed to do as they please as long as they remain within the strictures of the law. Lady Nycole stands firmly with law and order and a follower who falls to the temptation of breaking this will be outcast from the rest of the religion.


Each follower pledges their loyal to devotion to Nycole Bolas and only to her. The follower must be strong at heart to be able to withstand the temptations of the land. Thieves and assassins are not welcomed into the fellowhip because of the unlawful ways of their chosen professions. A follower of Nycole must never be found breaking the rules of LUN. If one of the Lady's followers is caught then that person will be brought before the Chosen One and the rest of the religion to be tried for their crime as well as any outside punishment demanded by LUN. Lady Nycole does not take lightly one breaking the laws, therefore her Chosen One is not lenient on members of Nycole who have the audacity to break the law and will not hesitate to excommunicate them for their crimes.


When you have reached the mortal level of 15 or higher and you strive to uphold the beliefs which Lady Nycole and her followers stand for, seek one of priest status or higher within the religion. Its recommend to read 'help role-play', 'help rules', 'help alignment', 'help ethos', and 'help lawful'.

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