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Tamazi has blessed His followers with the fire of His honor and the light of His wisdom. Honor is their byword and they act always with honor. Honor is the compilation of the many virtues of Tamazi. The followers seek knowledge to enhance their wisdom and realize that knowledge may be, and should be, obtained from many sources, good, neutral, or evil. Tamazi has filled the spirits of His followers with His fire and light so that they may battle and defeat evil. The followers of Tamazi strive unceasingly to combat and purge the forces of evil through conversion, death, or by any means necessary, and Tamazi has proclaimed it most urgent to do whatever is necessary to accomplish evil's demise as long as it is within the bounds of Honor. The battle is ongoing and Tamazi's followers will fight and die with honor in the attempt to defeat evil. Tamazi's followers gladly join with their brethren of other good religions in the effort to purge evil. The followers of Tamazi will never attack an unarmed foe. They will never attack using dishonorable means. They may torture an evil foe to gain knowledge that will aide themselves and the side of good, but will always grant their enemies an honorable death. The followers are a family, beloved of their god, Tamazi, and caring for each other. They seek and welcome into their midst those who have found Tamazi's light and fire within their spirit and wish to dedicate themselves to Tamazi. Followers will strive always to display the virtues of Tamazi and conduct themselves with honor, that their actions will lead others to honor and goodness as well.


In Tamazi's wisdom and honor, He has set down rules to guide His disciples in the path of light. These rules should be known, understood, and followed. Although there may be unusual exceptions, these should be few and far between. If a follower of Tamazi believes he should act against these rules, he should first consult with a Tamazi priest to aid in determining the correct action. If a Tamazi follower chooses to go against the rules, the follower should be aware of potential punishment.
Although punishment for a first offense may be light, a follower of Tamazi should be forewarned that punishment for violating a law is normally excommunication.

1. Never aid the cause of evil or agents acting in the name of evil. These beings and their causes are not honorable. Never be influenced by evil. It is easy to believe in someone's kindness and friendship, but remember the agents of evil have only one goal, to destroy and triumph over goodness. Do not allow your own good and honorable spirit to be wrongly led and travel down a dark path.

2. Do not knowingly aid an agent of evil. It is understandable that upon occasion, a noble and honorable servant of Tamazi will desire to persuade or convert an agent of evil. If there is truly a reason to hope your ministrations will bring this instrument of evil unto goodness, then converse with a priest of Tamazi for guidance before acting. (Do not group with, retrieve the corpse of, or equip known followers of evil. They may ask aid of their own evil brethren.)

3. Act in public as a representative of Tamazi. Display the virtues of Tamazi and expound upon the many and great values of our dear religion and our mighty god.

4. Do not denigrate the other religions of goodness or their members. Although their religious teachings may differ from Tamazi, we welcome their efforts in the battle against evil. We do not seek to alienate our allies.

5. Do not disparage other religions or their members over public channels. If you feel disposed to comment on any person, do so only on our Religious Commune channel or through tell. If you feel strongly about an individual's actions and believe that they should be addressed publicly, do so by first addressing the individual in question. Politely and with great honor, speak your mind. Any other inappropriate criticism displayed on public channels is subject to punishment.

6. Conduct yourself with honor in combat if at all possible. Often our enemy is unscrupulous. If you must, you may break this code in combat with them. The need to defeat evil is first above all things.

7. Avoid using thieving and dishonorable skills, such as backstab trip and kick dirt. It is best to use our most honorable and forthright skills to defeat evil.

8. Never defame or blemish oneself. Always hold yourself in the highest esteem. Remember that Tamazi has blessed you with His light and filled your spirit with His fire. Honor this religion and your membership by doing naught that might tarnish this image.

9. Always seek knowledge. To have and know honor, one must have knowledge to guide us on the right path. Be always watchful for knowledge, that you may learn and share with our brethren.

10. Members of Tamazi who wish to further display honor, should strive to rise in rank and become part of our priesthood. However, this is a great responsibility and a decision that should not be made lightly. Consult all help files, including duties and sponsorship before making this decision. The priests/priestesses of Tamazi are much depended upon. It is they who seek, train, and convert new membership. Therefore, it is the priests duty to discern a good candidate from one who is not honorable and not meant for membership in Tamazi.

Remember always, that your membership in Tamazi carries many benefits and many responsibilities. When you appear within this realm, you are a representative of Tamazi, which is both a great honor and a serious duty. Be guided by the fire and light within our mighty god Tamazi. If you have questions or doubts, speak with another member, a priest or the Chosen One. Do not suffer or act in silence. Know always that Tamazi has blessed and welcomed you. Act with His honor. Walk always in honor and light.

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