The Ancient Goddess Tyra

Tyra, called the "Great Wanderer" by her descendants, is like a child. She is without bias, ever inquisitive, energetic, and above all unpredictable, with an endless hunger for laughter. She takes no part in the long, dull battles between good and evil, following instead her heart's desires rather than any higher cause. Always joyful, the goddess Tyra is alternately kind and mischevious -- whichever amuses her at the time.

The Followers of Tyra

The followers of Tyra have no set holy days, but throw parties quite often, without needing any particular reason to do so. Having any number of Tyrans together in one place is usually enough to produce a spontaneous religious festival of sorts, with much laughter and joking. These gatherings sometimes end with the entire group setting off on a joint quest to work some mischief in the land.

Tyrans are a happy, carefree bunch who delight in frivolity and disorder. All Tyrans have an active sense of humor, and laughter is their lifeblood. Like their goddess, the faithful of Tyra seldom concern themselves with the stale conflicts between the followers of good and the followers of evil. Good and evil are irrelevant when you live by your whims. Tyrans have purposefully short memories, and are quick to forgive and forget. They do not hold grudges, and make friends out of enemies as quickly as the wind changes.

Because of their carefree attitudes and unfailing sense of humor, the followers of Tyra can get along with just about anyone, at least for a while. Though they may find the followers of Griffon, Nycole, and Belial stuffy and oppressive after the novelty of meeting someone new wears off, Tyrans tend to get along quite well with followers of Aphrodite and Graz'zt, who share their love of anarchy.

Worshippers of Tyra live for the moment, with little regard for consequence. To others, they often seem reckless, unpredictable, and foolhardy. But Tyrans simply believe that one's own desires can never lead them wrong. Because of their fearlessness, Tyrans often find themselves sought after as allies, even by those who called them foolish a day ago.

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